Yoo In Na to Appear on “Love Weaves Through A Millennium 2″


[TV리포트=박설이 기자] YOO IN NA is casted on a show in China.

Posters of the characters of the Chinese drama series “Love Weaves Through A Millennium 2” were released, making the fans more excited about the show. It will premiere in September this year, and YOO IN NA is casted for the female lead role of the drama series.

YOO IN NA plays the role of Pang Ziyi of the year 1936 in a drama that travels time from 1936 to 2016. In the poster, YOO IN NA is wearing a pink Qipao with her eyes closed and hands held together. She looks feminine and pure.

“Love Weaves Through A Millennium” aired last year in China with Jing Boran and Zheng Shuang playing the main roles. Based on the popular tvN drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man”, this Chinese remake version tells the same story of an imperial scholar official who accidently time-travels two thousand years into the present where he meets an actress and falls in love. Since YOO IN NA also appeared in the original version “Queen In Hyun’s Man”, it is especially meaningful that she is casted for the season two of the Chinese version.

“Love Weaves Through A Millennium 2” took the same time travelling concept of its former season, and it is co-produced by China’s Hunan TV and EE Media and Korea’s Studio Dragon. Kim Byung-soo, the director of “Queen In Hyun’s Man” and “Nine”, is the director of the drama’s season two. Chinese actor Wei Da Xun of JYP plays the male lead, who time travels back and forth and meets the female lead in 1936 played by YOO IN NA and the female lead in 2016, which is played by Janice Man. The first episode will air in September on Hunan TV.

cr: yg-life.com

Photo credit: 相爱穿梭千年2


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