Instagram Update

cr: ys870922

Caption: “열심히촬영하고있습니다~”


Dear fans,

Long time no see..!
Are you all doing well? Are you all healthy?
I missed you so much. I really wanted to see you.
Thanks for your letters and music presents. I can feel your hearts, but were you curious about what I have been doing?
I rested a lot and spent the days thinking about you. Thank you for your letters and celebrating my birthday…really thank you.
Everyone, I’ll be off to China this week for drama filming. It’s my 2nd project with ‘김병수’ director who I love and respect!
I’ll do well and be healthy, so you guys, also be healthy. My beloved..I miss you so much and love you.
And, We, will be more happier!

Translated by 신원철




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