Who Wore It Better? Suzy VS Yoo In Na


[by Nawael Khelil] Suzy from miss a and actress Yoo In Na wore the same bag but exuded different moods.

Suzy and Yoo In Na chose the same BEANPOLE Accessory shoulder bag to complete their stylish looks. However, the two women didn’t express the same feeling.

The singer attended the fan sign event that BEANPOLE Accessory held to celebrate the 100th days since its Lucky Bag’s launching. She entered the store in a very lovely look. She matched a checked skirt with a white jacket for an innocent yet lively mood. She flaunted her burgundy BEANPOLE Accessory bag to add a bit of urban feelings to the look – which perfectly fits the brand’s concept.

On the other side, Yoo In Na concocted a very cool airport look on December 2 as she was going to Hong Kong to attend the sixth edition of Mnet Asian Music Awards. She paired a white long coat with a pair of heeled ankle boots for a feminine look. But what caught our attention that day was her bag, similar to Suzy’s one, that adds glamour to the whole silhouette and enhances the actress’ sexiness.

Meanwhile, the bag that Suzy and Yoo In Na like so much is BEANPOLE Accessory’s Lucky bag, a modern yet classic bucket design who’s loved by all celebrities in Korea. (photos by BEANPOLE Accessory)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

cr: BNT News


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