‘Jeon Ji Hyun – Yoo In Na’ The Golden Age Of S-Line Stars

[by Yoo Jeong] The term ‘S-Line’ is no longer irrelevant to Asians. The figure of westerners has become the standard of beauty, increasing the trend amongst Asians.

SBS drama ‘My Love From The Star’s’ Jeon Ji Hyun and Yoo In Na both have great figures that can rival the other. Both actresses are representatives of the S-line body in South Korea.

Their curves and killer legs are the ideal for Asian women. Generally, the standard S-Line for westerners is a curvy bust and wide hips.

here is a lot of hard work that goes into getting a slim yet curvy body like celebrities. Not only eating habits but they have personal trainers who prepare effective exercises for them.

Yoo In Na revealed her tips to maintaining her figure as exercise and stretching. She also takes a lot of half-baths. In addition, she does sit-ups whenever she has time and is constantly taking care of herself.

However, this lifestyle and effort is difficult for normal people to do. Finding time to work out is hard for the average working woman and controlling what you eat takes a lot of effort. In addition, places such as your bust require hereditary genes so there is no way to increase the size.

Women who lost elasticity because of diets and pregnancy, or naturally have flat chests go for breast surgery. The trend of getting implants is increasing. Among the surgeries, the breast augmentation that uses implants is most popular. In particular, the teardrop shape implant has the best proportion.

The teardrop breast surgery uses implants that are the difference between the volume on top and below the breast. More than anything, it is not as obvious compared to the past breast augmentation surgery, creating a confident body even when wearing a bikini.

The first director of a plastic surgery clinic in South Korea to do the teardrop breast surgery in 2008 said, “Recently, there are women who work hard to maintain their figures. They felt the limitations of diets and have become interested in breast augmentation. Instead of being greedy in the size of the breasts, go for a size that is proportional to your body for a satisfactory result.” (photo by TL Plastic Surgery Korea, bntnews DB)

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