Yoo In Na Celebrates 3rd Anniversary of KBS Cool FM “Yoo In Na’s Crank Up the Volume”!

–  Still wait for 8pm every day!

Yoo In Na expressed her feelings about the third anniversary of her KBS Cool FM (89.1Mhz) radio show “Yoo In Na’s Crank Up the Volume”, on the 7 this month.

I’m still excited as I was when I began to host this show, and I still wait for 8pm every day, so I think I really love this job”. Then, she thanked the show’s listeners, saying, “I love my family, for making me do this job for the past three years without feeling any bored, let’s be together for a longer and longer period of time!!!”

On the day of the third anniversary, AKMU (Lee Chan Hyuk, Lee Su Hyun) who has recently been busy releasing a new song and preparing for a concert, appeared as a guest performer on the day’s show to give a live performance, to celebrate the third anniversary of Yoo In Na’s radio show. On the day, Yoo In Na expressed her gratitude and affection for her show’s listeners, saying, “Thank you for not leaving me alone for the past three years. Let’s us grow older together!”

Yoo In Na has been soothing everyday lives of her shows’ listeners with her charming and tender voice from 8pm to 10pm every night. Yoo In Na’s show has been boasting high viewership rate, which has also given her nickname of “Honey D” (DJ with a voice like honey).

Yoo In Na has always expressed her affection for the show, by saying, “I’ll host this program until the day when its title becomes ‘Granny Yoo In Na’s Crank Up the Volume”. She even directly sang the logo song right after the first part in section 1. The logo song was rearranged from Humming Urban Stereo’s “Waltzsofa #4”, and Yoo In Na’s flagship bubbly and ringing voice impresses the ears. On October 21 (Tue.), a listener asked Yoo In Na to tell the lyrics of the logo song, and Yoo replayed it to sing along once again. That created sensation at that time.

Meanwhile, radio show “Crank Up the Volume” began with first DJ “Lee Bon” and has been loved by many listeners for past 20 years, as the most popular radio show of KBS Radio channel.

In tvN’s drama series “My Secret Hotel” that ended last month, Yoo In Na’s lively acting of her character “Nam Sang Hyo” drew a big attention, and now she is thinking about her next drama or film.

cr: ygfamily

Photo credit: KBS


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