Nam Goong Min assures Hong Jin Young she’s way more lovable than Yoo In Na on ‘We Got Married’


On the September 27 episode of ‘We Got Married’, Nam Goong Min made sure to let Hong Jin Young and viewers know that she’s way more lovable than his ‘My Secret Hotel’ co-star Yoo In Na.

Hong Jin Young had a bone to pick with her onscreen husband, bringing up that he compared her and Yoo In Na during his press conference for ‘My Secret Hotel’. Nam Goong Min responded, “In my opinion, Jin Young is 50,000 times more lovable,” but Hong Jin Young wasn’t happy. He corrected himself, saying, “500,000,000 times more lovable.”

She said, “I filmed a Chuseok special yesterday. When I clapped, the bracelet you gifted me broke. The writing on the wall is ominous. Maybe you have another woman now.”

On the same episode, the couple ran into more conflict when they checked each other’s cell phones.

cr: allkpop


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