CJ E&M Releases Exclusive Photos and Interview of Yoo In-na at “My Secret Hotel”

Features Popular K-Drama Stars Yoo In-na, Jin YI-han and Nam Goong-min at the Filming Set

CJ E&M has released exclusive photos of the popular romantic mystery drama “My Secret Hotel” filmed in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do on September 17. The photos feature lead stars Yoo In-na, Nam Goong-min and Jin Yi-han.

At the filming set, Yoo explained, “Jin and Nam have played very charming roles in the drama. Since the first episode, many people have asked me whom I would like to choose between the two characters. It is a very difficult question but at this moment I would choose Jin over Nam because I (Nam Sang Hyo) had developed feelings for Jin for longer amount of time. However, if the reason behind their divorce was his cheating, I have no mercy whatsoever.”

The story is about a divorced couple who end up being involved in unprecedented murder cases. Yoo In-na plays Nam Sang Hyo, a manager of wedding business at a hotel who not only has to plan the wedding of her ex-husband (Jin Yi-han) but also figure out who is behind the murders occurring at her hotel. Nam Goong-min plays a part for Sang Hyo’s boss as a managing director while Lee Young-eun plays an ambitious public relations manager who uses the murder case for her career.

“My Secret Hotel” airs on total entertainment channel tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00PM (KST).

cr: hancinema


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