Yoo In Na Cares Less About Marriage Every Time She Wears Wedding Dress


Yoo In Na confessed the side effect of wearing so many wedding dresses.

Yoo In Na attended the group interview for tvN’s My Secret Hotel on September 16 in CJ E&M studio located in Daehwa-dong, Gyeonggi province, and revealed that the more she films wedding scenes, the less she cares about marriage.

About the recent wedding scene from My Secret Hotel, Yoo In Na said, “It seems like every time I wear a wedding dress, I become more insensitive about marriage,” and added, “But I also think about which wedding dress I should wear at my real wedding.”

Yoo In Na said, “I think to myself, ′I should wear this type of dress or I should avoid this type of dress when I really get married.′ I heard that some people regret later because you can only wear a wedding dress once in your lifetime. But I don’t have to worry about that. The drawback of it is that I′ve become dulled to marriage.”

Photo credit: Newsen
cr: mwave


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