Nam Goong Min compared Yoo In Na and Hong Jin Young’s aegyo


Nam Goong Min attended the group interview for tvN’s My Secret Hotel on September 16 in CJ E&M studio located in Daehwa-dong, Gyeonggi province and brought up Yoo In Na and Hong Jin Young’s charms.

Nam Goong Min said, “If Yoo In Na’s aegyo that’s like soft spring breeze, Hong Jin Young’s aegyo is comparable to cool summer breeze. If I were to compare their charms, since this is My Secret Hotel site, I’d say Yoo In Na’s aegyo is the best.”

Then he added, “And if I go to the other place, I change my words,” causing a round of laughter.

Nam Goong Min also said, “When Hong Jin Young appeared as the cameo, she directed me as well as the director, just like how she is on We Got Married. I thought something would be different about her at the drama site, but I could hear her voice from 100 meters away. So I thought, ‘she would be able to live well anywhere in this world.’”

Photo credit: Newsen
cr: mwave


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